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You may encounter a “reserve cap” error when attempting to enroll. For some classes, seats are reserved for specific majors who are required to take the course in this specific semester. We place a reserve cap for the specific number of seats we anticipate needing for that major. Once those students have had a chance to enroll, we will remove the reserve cap if there are seats available and others will be able to register in the remaining seats. An email will be sent to the listserv when this happens. There is not an exact date, as it depends when all the permission number requests are processed. If you have an opportunity to add yourself to a waitlist, do that right away so that will reserve your spot in line and increase your chances of getting a seat in the course. If the reserve caps are lifted, the computer will add people from the wait list (if there is one) before allowing anyone else to register.

Please DO NOT request a permission number for a reserve cap error.

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