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Musical Theatre Concentration

Master of Arts, Theatre

Most programs in the UCF School of Performing Arts require an audition or interview.

The Master of Arts in Theatre with a concentration in Musical Theatre focuses on pedagogy and methodology of musical theatre. The program provides developing theatre scholars and middle school, high school and community college teachers the opportunity to strengthen skills and knowledge of musical theatre beyond the undergraduate level. Courses are completed during two six-week, fully distance-learning summer intensives. During the fall and spring semester, students will complete project-oriented practicums and online coursework.

The Musical Theatre concentration provides a combination of theoretical study and practical performance training. The intention is not to train for professional performance careers, but for a variety of goals including increasing specific theatrical skills, extending theatre skills into new areas or expanding expertise and credentials for teachers.

What classes will I take?

Coursework includes study and application of Estill Voice Technique, musical theatre directing, research methods, acting methodologies, musical theatre dance composition and choreography and methods of teaching drama.

Are there graduate assistantships available?

There are no graduate assistantships associated with this program. All students are required to finance coursework requirements on their own.

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“One of the many appealing factors of the Master of Arts in Musical Theatre program at the University of Central Florida is the structure of coursework. The semesters are organized in a way that allows current educators to continue teaching full-time, while expanding their knowledge in their field. Graduate students in this program can put what they learn into their own classes almost immediately. Not only do they benefit from this new information, but their students do too.”

Monica Andrews MA’20, Monarch High School


This program runs on a two-year cycle and begin summer semester of each odd-numbered year. Interviews begin in the fall prior.

Those interested in applying should have a B.A. or BFA degree, preferably in theatre or a related performance field.

To apply for this program you must apply to both UCF Graduate Admissions and submit materials to the program coordinator, Earl D. Weaver.